Top 10 Co-op Games 2012.

1) For the first time in franchise history, Mass Effect 3 will be offering multiplayer support.In a Horde-inspired co-op mode,you’ll be able to create your own character and team up with your friends to save the galaxy from the impending Reaper threat.Released on March 3.

2) Birds of Steel (PS3, 360).This WWII flight simulator boasts enjoyment for all skill levels, including simplified flying controls for beginners and more realistic sim controls for people who fancy themselves pilots,or if they don’t mind constantly crashing.

3) Journey (PSN).A cooperative adventure unlike any other.2 player online co-op

4) Shoot Many Robots (PSN, PC; XBLA on 3.14).This side-scrolling shooter features a ridiculous amount of run-n-gun action,tons of sweet loot,and customizable characters.2 player local co-op, 4 player online co-op

5) Tales of Graces F (PS3).It looks like a Japanese version of Gauntlet for the younger crowd, which could be awesome.4 player local co-op

6) Max Payne will also be including a multiplayer component that can hopefully capture the elegance of the single-player’s gun ballet.

7) Borderlands 2-To keep co-op fresh,they’re introducing four brand new characters to replace the old set,each with their own weapon proficiencies and unique set of skills.

8) Darkness 2 released on February 7. 4 player online co-op on xbox 360 and PS3.

9) Resident Evil 6 is the latest and greatest iteration in the Resident Evil series. Resident Evil 6 is Capcom’s most ambitious title in the series to date, offering the largest ever cast of characters,with an equally big budget going to the game’s development.

10) Inversion released on February 27. Its a 2 player local and online co-op game


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