Top 10 Online Multiplayer Games.

World of Warcraft-This ubiquitous MMORPG is a cultural phenomenon that has caused some people to change their lifestyles to accommodate their addiction to the game.

Call of Duty:Modern Warfare2-Developed by Infinity Awards,its one of the most sold game ever.It has an experience system like the COD 4 and unlocks weapon when you have gained sufficient experience.

Halo 2-The Halo series is absolutely amazing from its unique gameplay to its brilliant level design to its fantastic use of colors in its visuals to Marty O’Donnell’s epic score.

Halo3-A love it or hate it kind of game.Fast,fun and flashy with underrated strategy,Halo 3 is easily one of the most popular online multi-player games.

Team Fortress2 is tagged as “most fun you can have online”.Its the most updated PC game with over 300 updates and patches.
Diablo is a classic game by one of the best video game companies of all time,Blizzard Entertainment,responsible for the excellent Starcraft and Warcraft franchises.
Counter-Strike is world’s first ever created FPS game introduced in PC platform.You can play it in pub,clan and other mods server.

Starcraft:Brood War-A real-time strategy game phenomenon.The amazing balance,personality and slick style of this futuristic war game keep it alive as one of the most popular games to this day despite its outdated 2Dgraphics.
NHL 2009-The Be a Pro mode online in this hockey title takes sports gaming online to new heights,fusing traditional and well-balanced sports gameplay with MMORPG concepts.
10. NCAA Football 2009-This next-generation football title trumps even Madden because nothing’s more fun for hardcore sports gamer than poring over prospect lists in the online franchise mode.

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